You’ve done your research and bought some CBD oil from a credible CBD specialist but now you’re wondering how to take it effectively. The first thing to understand is that everyone’s body is different and will react differently to CBD. Each person’s response will vary due to factors such as age, lifestyle, prior exposure, weight, genetics, etc. Essentially there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to cannabinoid dosage. In this blog post we will look at the best way to administer CBD oil effectively.

Sublingual Administration

You may have wondered why CBD oil is administered under the tongue. It is due to CBD being fat soluble which is an issue for us as our bodies are made of water. If we swallow CBD it goes straight through the digestive system with little CBD reaching the bloodstream. However by holding oil under the tongue we have a direct route into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane lining inside the mouth.

CBD’s Biphasic Response

Another important point to note, is that CBD is a biphasic compound. This means it will provide different effects at different blood level concentrations. A small dose of CBD may increase wakefulness, alertness and provide stimulating effects. At higher concentrations however, CBD may have a sedating effect. For example someone who consumes a high dose of CBD may feel sleepy or calm instead of energetic and alert.

CBD Biphasic effect
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How to Take CBD Oil Effectively

The best way to take CBD oil is to start with a small dose and titrate it up slowly. This will allow you an opportunity to monitor how your body reacts to CBD for a few days before deciding whether to increase the dose. Also taking your oil after a meal can improve the absorption of cannabinoids by upwards of 10%.

Below are example instructions on how to up-titrate your CBD oil and get the best results. Remember this is a guide only and can be adjusted for different purposes and CBD oil strengths.  It is imperative that you listen to your body throughout. You may even wish to record the dose taken and your reaction to it to refer back to. Remember that everyone’s CBD journey will be different.

For the first few days you should take one or two drops under the tongue once per day and allow it to absorb for two minutes before swallowing the excess. After a few days you can decide if you wish to increase the dose to one or two drops taken twice per day.

If desired results are still not being felt after one week of use, increase the dose to one or two drops three times per day. After two weeks of use if needed, increase the dose to two or three drops taken three times per day. This up-titration method will ensure you are not wasting your oil by taking too much.

How to take CBD Oil

To summarise there is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD dosage. Start with a low dose and up-titrate until you find your sweet spot. Monitor your response throughout and adjust dosage accordingly at regular intervals. If you do all that and you’ve purchased from a reputable CBD specialist you can’t go wrong. And if all else fails, try some super concentrated CBD paste.

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