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Simplee CBD

Simplee CBD isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. Moreover it’s the solution to help you through that unwanted situation and also something to help you unwind and rebalance. These guys are all about delivering the health benefits of cannabis without the high. That’s why each CBD drink is infused with 15mg CBD isolate and contains 0% THC. It’s 4:20 somewhere!

the three simplee cbd drink flavours in a row, with colour co-ordinating backgrounds behind themWhat makes Simplee CBD drinks unique?

Simplee CBD drinks are not just ordinary beverages; they're meticulously crafted experiences designed to help you unwind, rebalance, and combat stress without inducing a high. They are infused with 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD and contain 0% THC, so each drink offers the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without any psychtropic effects.

Simplee CBD set out to be the solution you need to help you through that unwanted situation. It’s the opposite of a coffee and therefore something to help you unwind without those jitters!

Which Simplee CBD products are available?

Simplee CBD offer 3 flavours of their popular 15mg CBD drink. They are all made with natural ingredients, and perfectly formulated not to compromise on taste!

Simplee CBD Wild Berries (15mg)

This CBD-infused sparkling water is all about that subtly sweet, rich forest fruit, offering a classic berry taste with every sip. Whether you're winding down after a long day or simply seeking to recenter yourself, this beverage is the perfect choice. Each 250ml can contains 15mg of all-natural hemp CBD with zero THC.

Simplee CBD Hibiscus Ginger (15mg)

Simplee CBD's Drink Hibiscus Ginger is a delightful blend of CBD-infused sparkling water infused with zingy ginger and apple juice, accompanied by exotic hibiscus notes. Perfectly refreshing for any time of day, this beverage offers a moment of relaxation to help you destress and rebalance. Each 250ml can containing 15mg of all-natural hemp CBD with zero THC.

Simplee CBD Elderflower Lime (15mg)

Simplee CBD Elderflower Lime is CBD infused sparkling water drink infused with succulent elderflower and lime juice. Enjoy any time of day to unwind, target stress and re-balance. Each 250ml can contains 15mg of all-natural, agriculturally grown hemp CBD with zero THC!

How much CBD is in each Simplee CBD drink?

Each 250ml serving of Simplee CBD drink contains a precisely measured 15mg of all-natural, agriculturally grown hemp CBD isolate.

This carefully calibrated dosage is intended to offer effective relief from stress and promote relaxation without the risk of intoxication, providing a consistent and reliable CBD experience.

Can I consume Simplee CBD drinks throughout the day?

You can enjoy your Simplee CBD drink at any time!

When it comes to dosage, the advised daily limit for a healthy adult consuming CBD is 70mg. Whilst 1-3 Simplee CBD drinks throughout the day should leave you satisfied, always be mindful of your CBD dosage.

If you would like more information on finding the optimal CBD dosage for you, check out our ultimate dosage guide!

How should I enjoy Simplee CBD drinks?

For the best experience, we suggest chilling your Simplee CBD drinks before consumption.

Whether you're indulging in crisp Elderflower Lime, luscious Wild Berries, or zesty Hibiscus Ginger, chilling the beverage enhances its refreshing taste and promotes a heightened sense of relaxation.

What ingredients are used in Simplee CBD drinks?

Simplee CBD drinks are meticulously crafted using all natural ingredients, including botanical extracts and fruit juices. Additionally, they are free from added sugars, sweeteners, or any unnatural additives, providing a guilt-free beverage option at only 33 calories per can.

Each drink is enriched with hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD, ensuring exceptional quality and potency.

Are Simplee CBD drinks suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Absolutely! Simplee CBD drinks are designed to accommodate a variety of dietary lifestyles. They are proudly vegan-friendly and suitable for vegetarians, made with only plant-based ingredients to ensure accessibility for all consumers no matter your dietary restrictions or preferences.

Simplee CBD drinks are also gluten-free!

What are the nutritional features of Simplee CBD drinks?

Each serving of Simplee CBD drink contains only 33 calories per can, making it an ideal alternative for those wishing to cut down on their fizzy drink calorie intake. Furthermore, these drinks are gluten-free, catering to individuals with dietary sensitivities or preferences. With no added sugar or sweeteners, Simplee CBD drinks offer a guilt-free way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD while staying hydrated and refreshed.

How do Simplee CBD drinks help combat stress?

Simplee CBD drinks are infused with hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD, renowned for its remarkable stress-relieving properties. By interacting with serotonin receptors in the brain, CBD modulates mood and emotional responses, helping to regulate anxiety levels. Its gentle yet effective approach to relaxation and stress reduction. Additionally, CBD’s ability to enhance mood stability can contribute to overall mental wellness, and foster a greater sense of emotional balance.

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