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Little Rick are a quirky drinks producer from Manchester with a goal of making “every human on the planet expand their minds and become the most relaxed version of themselves.” A pretty solid goal if you ask us.. To achieve this they put 32mg of full spectrum CBD in great tasting drinks and are currently expanding minds around the UK!

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Who are Little Rick?

Little Rick are a quirky drinks manufacturer from Manchester, England with a clear goal. This goal is making “every human on the planet expand their minds and become the most relaxed version of themselves.” It's not a bad one if you ask us.. To achieve this they put 32mg of full spectrum CBD in great tasting drinks and are currently expanding minds around the UK!

How do Little Rick CBD Drinks work?

The Little Rick CBD drinks range was inspired by classic cocktails such as the mojito or the pina colada. They are expertly blended with a range of cannabinoids in addition to CBD to help you relax while being refreshed. With LR you get a whopping 32mg of CBD with 6mg CBG and even 1.2mg CBC. The addition of the extra cannabinoids helps to make CBD more potent without any mind altering effects.

In addition to tasting great and packing a cannabinoid punch, Little Rick include MCT and LCT carrier oils in the drinks to help absorption of cannabinoids into your system. When you enjoy a Little Rick you absorb up to five times more cannabinoids than other drinks with effects lasting up to 8 hours. Perfect for a relaxing night's sleep! On top of this they are excellent as a calorie-free alternative to alcohol! What more could you ask?

How to enjoy a Little Rick?

Little Rick CBD Drinks are THC and CBN free therefore there are no psychotropic effects from drinking one. Serve cold and allow around 30 minutes for full effects to take place. Effects last up to 8 hours and are the perfect non-intoxicating alcohol substitute or base for your favourite spirit!

The latest FSA recommendation is that a healthy adult take no more than 70mg CBD per day. This amounts to around 2 cans of Little Rick CBD Drink. There are multiple factors that affect how we absorb CBD, to learn more about dosing check out our CBD dosage guide for beginners.

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What Little Rick Drinks are available?

Little Rick drinks are available in an array of delicious flavours. Whether you want an alcohol substitute to enjoy with the boys or girls or you're just looking to chill, the are flavours to suit all needs.


Limited Edition Little Rick Cola has been formulated to provide energy and lift mood. To achieve this they ran back the years and like early Coca-Cola, added a dose of Kola nut extract. Kola nut contains a little caffeine and theobromine along with flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins. All the organic good stuff to boost your energy levels and uplift.

The perfect day time solution to keep you going throughout the day. Because of the stimulating aspect this pick me up is definitely best served up during the day. If giggles and energy are your thing then this is the CBD drink for you.


Little Rick Piña CBD Drink was inspired by the Pinã Colada cocktail we all know and love. The flavour creation infuses the sweet tang of pineapple with smooth, creamy and subtle coconut. Moreover it's the perfect non-impairing alcohol substitute or base for your favourite rum..


Similarly, Little Rick Mint & Lime CBD Drink was also created in inspiration by a classic cocktail in the Mojito. This is evident in its original blend of mint and real lime juice. With 6% lime juice this certainly does the classic drink justice. One of the lightest and best tasting CBD drinks we have available at Hemptations.

Raspberry Coconut

Little Rick Raspberry Coconut is their original flavour. In provides strong fruity notes of raspberry with the smoothness of creamy coconut and a light hint of zesty lemon! Relax with this sugar free, zero calorie, delicious CBD beverage.

Raspberry Lemonade

Little Rick Raspberry Lemonade is their rendition of the classic summer cooler with the addition of sweet raspberry. Refresh your pallet with a splash of real raspberry and Sicilian lemon fruit juice. The perfect compliment to the mellow flavour of hemp.

The all natural recipe uses a low calorie blend of British beet sugar and natural plant-based sweetener to swerve the after drink guilts. This is certainly a crowd pleaser and above all a must try for anyone wanting to chill out with a refreshing fruit drink.

Little Rick CBD Drink Review

The feedback on these drinks has been tremendous. Most people mention the strength and the flavour as their favourite aspects of Little Rick. Moreover many of our customers are turning to CBD drinks such as LR as an alternative to alcohol and we are all for that.

Of the Little Rick reviews we've had so far Hannah said it best..

"This is my favourite CBD drink by far.. It’s really light and you can taste the full spectrum CBD which I love. Plus it makes me really chill and helps me get through work more efficiently."

Hannah - Little Rick review 19/09/2022

Let us know what you think of Little Rick CBD drinks by dropping us a review on each of the product pages. Alternatively after purchase you will receive an invitation to review the product on both our website and TrustPilot. Please consider letting us know what you thought so we can continue bringing the industry's best CBD to your door!

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Do Little Ricks contain real fruit?

Yes Little Rick use a real fruit juice base for their CBD cocktails. This definitely makes them lighter than some other CBD drinks. Good news for the more health conscious consumers amongst us. These drinks won't weigh you down after drinking them.

Will Little Rick CBD Drink get you high?

Unfortunately Little Rick contains so psychotropic cannabinoids such as CBN or THC. They have been completely removed with the lab results to prove it therefore you will not feel any kind of high after drinking one. Damn!

Will I be hungover?

On the upside again, they contain no alcohol whatsoever either so you can wake up the next day after a deep cannabinoid induced slumber absolutely 100% hangover free!

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