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Hempura are one of the most established premium CBD brands available in the UK. Since 2017 they have strived to create the healthiest and most natural CBD extracts possible. Their ethos is always natural and never artificial. Therefore you can rest assured all the ingredients they use are hemp derived and never synthetic. Moreover their lab tested range allows you to experience Cannabis Sativa hemp without the high. Our best selling Hempura CBD Oil is certainly one of the finest and trusted products available today.

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About Hempura

Since 2017 Hempura has established itself as one of the UK’s leading CBD brands. This is largely due to their focus on delivering high quality products and delivering a positive customer experience. This is evident in their stellar online reputation where they boast a near perfect rating on Trustpilot. Their product range is created by British Cannabis, one of the largest and most reputable CBD producers around.

Hempura Product Range

Their extensive range of pharmaceutical grade CBD products is one of the finest available in the UK. They are derived from organically grown hemp from Eastern Europe for extracts of the highest quality. The  range includes our best selling full spectrum CBD oil which is available in 500mg or 1000mg strength. In addition to their oils they also offer CBD Capsules and broad spectrum CBD e-liquid which is completely free of THC.

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura full-spectrum CBD oil 500mg is derived from a whole-plant hemp extract and contain a full spectrum of plant compounds. Gentle extraction methods allow for the preservation of hemp’s beneficial terpenes, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and phytonutrients, just as nature intended. Also available in 1000mg strength.

Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules are rich in active cannabinoids, a group of compounds that play a crucial role in the maintenance of body homoeostasis. They contain only decarboxylated ground hemp therefore ensuring all of the nutritional value found in cannabis sativa is present in each capsule

Hempura Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid 500mg is created for maximum absorption and efficacy. We now know that heating CBD results in its increased absorption and effectiveness in the body. For this reason, Hempura refined hemp extract CBD vape juice is proven to be an optimal method for the intake of CBD. In addition to 500mg strength they also a 250mg broad spectrum CBD vape liquid.

Quality Standards

All Hempura products are gently extracted using supercritical co2 preserving vital cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other essential fatty acids. All products are also batch tested by an independent third party laboratory for full trace-ability from seed to sale.

Every aspect of the brand is built around compliance, trust and transparency. For instance they are a registered Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) member. The CTA exist to promote good practice and compliance across the hemp and cannabis industry. They ensure brands comply with relevant legislation in marketing and product labelling. Combine this with their impressive TrustPilot rating you know you are in the best hands when using Hempura.

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Hempura FAQs

Check out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions around this brand. Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to? Simply get in touch and we'll do our very best find it for you.

What is Hempura used for?

Hempura CBD is used as a supplement to improve general wellbeing. With an impressive profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids Hempura CBD oil is nature's health elixir. Some users also report less pain, improved mood, better sleep and less anxiety after use. To learn more about using CBD check out our Ultimate CBD User Guide.

Is Hempura full spectrum?

Hempura products contain full spectrum extract that contains minute quantities of THC (<0.01%). The addition of other cannabinoids and terpenes allow you to benefit from the entourage effect. This typically means you will find this CBD more effective. It is the addition of these organic compounds that give full spectrum CBD oil its earthy flavour.

Are Hempura CBD products 3rd party lab tested?

Yes, Hempura tests at several stages throughout the production process. For example each batch of hemp is tested prior to extraction then each extract is also tested post extraction. This ensures continuity and guarantees quality. You can find a lab report to view and/or download at the bottom of the product description in each individual product listing. Alternatively if you require a batch specific lab report, please contact us.

Are Hempura products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes all of our Hempura products are suitable for vegetarians.

Are Hempura products tested on animals?

Hempura products are completely cruelty-free and are never tested on our furry friends.

Are Hempura products organic?

The hemp used in Hempura products is organically grown, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and GMO-free. To ensure this each harvest undergoes testing before being imported into the UK. This ensures a high quality product that is free from heavy metals and other harmful contaminants.

Are Hempura products vegan?

Absolutely all Hempura products are vegan friendly and even gluten-free.

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