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About CBD Brothers

CBD Brothers are a small, dedicated company who began their venture through the love of helping people. They sell their ethically grown full spectrum CBD extracts at the lowest possible price to provide customers with value for money. This lines up perfectly with their motto “health over wealth.”


One of the true OG’s in the UK CBD game, they are the oldest provider of cannabis extracts in England. The company started in a garage blending and mixing cannabis extracts to make lotions and potions for neighbours with life changing conditions. From there the business scaled and moved to a custom built, off grid facility in Suffolk, England. Here they mix, blend and test the many products they now have on offer.

Despite this scale in operation, their priorities remain the same today as they were on the day of their inception. This is to provide the highest quality extracts to benefit as many people as possible.

CBD Brothers Range

CBD Brothers range is unique in the UK CBD market. First of all they are the only company that the ability to extract CBD from their own hemp. This is thanks to their unique location in the channel islands. They also create all their products using whole plant extract. This provides a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9. As a result the final product provides the entourage effect and is typically more effective.

CBD Brothers Oils

The collection of CBD oils they offer are unique in that they have different editions for each extract used. For instance they use sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis in their formulations and allude to this in their labelling. Green and Blue edition oils are taken from sativa hemp which typically provides energetic, uplifting effects. On the other hand the purple and silver edition are taken from hybrid and indica varieties respectively that provide more relaxing effects.

These oils are cheap but make no mistake about it they are premium grade and gently extracted using co2. This preserves all the active compounds within the plant for a safe and effective CBD experience. Moreover each product comes with a third party lab report so you know exactly what’s inside.

Each oil contains whole plant extract emulsified into cold pressed hemp seed oil. Flavour wise they are very earthy, unrefined and ‘hempy’ tasting which is great for effectiveness but isn’t for everyone. If you prefer something more palatable check out our other CBD oil.

To administer use the pipette to drop some CBD oil under your tongue where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Remember dosage is unique to you so start low and go slow. You will certainly find your sweet spot in no time.

CBD Dosage Guide for Beginners – How much should you take?

Whole Plant Extract (Paste)

Similarly they offer CBD paste in their coveted purple edition (hybrid) extract. This whole plant extract paste is made using buds and flowers of the plant and is akin to a legal RSO oil. These organically grown in Europe formulations pack a punch so don’t go overboard. Above all it is undoubtedly the most cost effective paste available in the UK or Ireland. Please note due to the latest Novel Foods regulations the Purple Edition Paste is currently only available in 1ml syringes.

Converting CBD Paste Dosage to CBD Oil

With the disheartening news that CBD Brothers are no longer making their favoured Green Edition CBD paste it is important to make the transition to other products as seamless as possible. Below is a guide of how to switch without skewing your dosage.

The most logical switch for users of the Green Editon CBD Paste is to move to CBD Brothers Green Editon Oil. You can also use the below guide to switch seamlessly without affecting your daily dose.

  • 2 grains of rice Green Paste (28mg) = 20 drops Green / 11 drops Blue
  • 1.5 grains of rice Green Paste (21mg) = 15 drops Green / 9 drops Blue
  • 1 grain of rice Green Paste (14mg) = 10 drops Green / 6 drops Blue
  • 1/2 grain of rice Green Paste (7mg) = 5 drops Green / 3 drops Blue

Alternatively CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil will work well too or we have a number of other full spectrum CBD oils to choose from if required.

CBD Vegan Capsules

In addition to oils and paste, these extracts are also available in capsule form. For a convenient way to dose CBD simply take one or two capsules with food and slowly build as required. Blue Edition CBD capsules are sativa and contain either 30x 12.5mg, 25mg or 62.5mg CBD capsules.

Quality Standards

The company takes quality very seriously and consistently produces products of the highest quality. They do this by controlling the entire supply chain from seed to shelf. First and foremost they use cannabis that is grown organically on small farms across Europe.

Once grown the plants are picked at the perfect time and dried naturally to prepare for extraction. Low heat and low pressure CO2 is then used to extract the oil in order to preserve vital cannabinoids and terpenes. After that each batch is shipped off to two independent laboratories for third party lab testing. This ensures the quality and continuity of the product.


CBD Brothers products are among the best priced available for example the Blue edition oil contains 500mg CBD and is just £21.60. This is around £8 lower than the industry average of around £30 for a 500mg oil. The Green Edition Oil is also incredibly priced at just £9.60 making it the perfect entry level oil.

All their products are extremely competitively priced and present a quality budget option without compromising quality. There is no doubt that they are one of the best value options on the market.

CBD Brothers Review

They boast a stellar reputation through a plethora of five star reviews across the Internet. Most prominently, they are rated excellent on TrustPilot with a 4.8 rating from 300 reviews. It is clear that they are they are honest, knowledgeable and helpful to all of their customers.


CBD Brothers are one of the most reputable brands in the industry with strong reviews online and recommendations from news outlets such as The Times and The Telegraph. Their unique formulations (sativa, hybrid, indica) are something completely different for CBD users

Throw in consistent testing, organic growing methods and gentle co2 extraction and you have a winner. Above all however, their products present phenomenal value for all budgets.

They are also the first supplement company to be given a license to grow cannabis, on the beautiful Isle of Guernsey. This allows them to introduce THC rich preparations out of their shop in Guernsey “pushing the boundaries and changing the cannabis landscape for the better across the world.” Moreover it allows us to benefit from their unique cannabis formulations so what are you waiting for?

Key Features

  • Based – UK & Guernsey
  • Available Products – CBD oil, whole plant extract CBD paste and Vegan CBD Capsules.
  • Extract Used – Full Spectrum
  • Carrier Oil – Cole pressed hemp seed oil
  • Extraction – Supercritical Co2
  • Quality Standards – GMP?
  • 3rd Party Lab Testing – HPLC via Phytovista
  • Organic certified – Yes
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