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The Goods CBD

The Goods premium line of CBD products are lab tested and created using the highest quality hemp. No frills or gimmicks, just the purest and most potent on the market, period. Their range includes wax crumble and terpene infused herbal mix pre-rolled or also loose. Moreover, as with all products sold at Hemptations their formulations are lab tested for quality assurance.

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Got the Goods?

The Goods is a family run business with a goal of bringing Cali-quality exotic cannabinoid extracts to Europe. Started by two visionary brothers in Marti and Arta who wanted to capitalise on a lack of quality and innovation in the exotics space.

Their mission is to keep things natural and unique, extract using the best tech and work with small batches to keep artisanal quality. Above all this really shines through in their extensive range of concentrates with unique terpene profiles. Today they work with a small team of trusted cannabis experts to bring you these incredible products.

What 'Goods' do they have available?

The Goods specialise in cannabiniod extracts taken from the finest quality European hemp. All the usual concentrates are available including wax crumble for dabbing. Additionally they offer CBD disposables with pure CBD distillate and terpenes for a VG/PG free authentic vaping experience. They also created a unique way around the UK's preposterous CBD flowers law with their CBD pre-rolls.

CBD Wax Crumble

The Goods CBD Wax contains 80% premium broad-spectrum CBD infused with mouth-watering terpene blends. It is also high in CBD and other cannabinoids and is therefore perfect for recreational users who like strong CBD supplements. Additionally each batch is made with exceptionally high-quality hemp CBD and non-GMO ingredients. Moreover it is available in an abundance of dope flavours to give you an authentic and potent CBD dabbing experience.

CBD Pre Roll

The Goods CBD Pre Roll are one of the finest available in the UK. They are twisted up using a premium organic proprietary herbal blend sprinkled with a 10% by volume dose of pure CBD isolate. These pure CBD crystals have been enhanced with naturally-sourced terpenes and are available in an abundance of dope flavours such as Girl Scout Cookie or Banana Kush. Each pre roll provides approximately 100mg CBD. In addition to all that, this product has been lab tested by an independent third party for quality assurance.

CBD Herbal Mix

The Goods CBD Herbal Mix is the perfect low-cost alternative to traditional CBD flower. A unique mix of unique organic proprietary herbal blend infused with CBD isolate and all-natural terpenes. Once you try it you may never go back.

Moreover each pouch is sprinkled with a 14% by volume dose of terpene pure CBD isolate. These pure CBD crystals have been enhanced with naturally-sourced terpenes and are available in an abundance of dope flavours such as Blue Dream, Pineapple Express and Grandaddy Purple.

CBD Distillate Dab/Vape Pen

With The Goods CBD Distillate Vape Pen you can experience the power of uncut CBD distillate. These sleek, pocket-sized vape pens are pre-loaded with some of the strongest extract they've created. You'll feel the cannabinoids and terps with every single draw. Available in a myriad of your favourite terpene profiles. Simply choose yours and you're good to go!

The Dabamizer

The Dabamizer is the cheapest way of converting your 510 thread pen into a portable dab pen. With a ceramic heating element and a sturdy steel chamber, this is the perfect way to dab concentrates on the move. All you have to do is connect it to your 510 thread CCELL battery, load the chamber with extract and hit it!

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Will The Goods Pre Rolls get me “high?”

Sadly the answer to this question is no. The “high” that some people attribute to cannabis comes from a compound found in the plant called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound is either untraceable in The Goods products or is below the legal requirement in the UK. The result one may experience from taking a large serving of CBD is relaxation throughout the body but no impairment or intoxication.

What's inside The Goods CBD Herbal Mix

The Herbal Mix and Pre Rolls are twisted up using a premium, organic proprietary herbal blend sprinkled with pure CBD isolate. These are pure CBD crystals enhanced with naturally-sourced terpenes. Both are available in an abundance of dope flavours. Please note neither of these products contain CBD flowers which is currently illegal in the UK.

Are The Goods products Lab Tested?

As with all products sold on our site, The Goods are also lab tested by an independent third party. To attest to this you can view a lab report for each product at the bottom of the product description.

Do The Goods products contain any THC?

Their premium line of hemp-derived, exotic CBD products are completely THC free. This means no psychotropic effects while setting the standard for quality.

How to use The Dabamizer

Typically CBD concentrates need to be vapourised in a dab pen or a quartz banger. It can require quite a bit of apparatus with a dab tool, piece and a blow torch. However The Goods are changing that with the Dabamizer which allows you to use a 510 thread battery to dab extracts.

To use the Dabamizer simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect it to your CCELL 510 thread battery.
  2. Pull out the glass mouthpiece.
  3. Use the dab tool to scoop a little extract and drop it carefully into the steel chamber avoiding the glass tube.
  4. Reattach the glass tube securely.
  5. Either power on your battery or if draw activated, you're ready to start pulling. Be sure to suck gently to not suck up any of the concentrate.
  6. Inhale and enjoy one of the more authentic CBD experiences.

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