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CBD Drinks are the tastiest way of enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol! Relaxation and calmness are the reported CBD drinks effects and you also get to swerve any unpleasant tastes from CBD oil. Our range includes Little Rick, Calm Drinks and Goodrays.

Cannasa Botanical Rose & Raspberry CBD Drink with glasses and lemons

What are CBD drinks

CBD drinks are beverages which have been infused with CBD. Of course, like all CBD infused products, they are non-psychotropic. The main advantage of CBD drinks, aside from their awesome taste, is that you can absorb some CBD sublingually as you consume it. The rest of it will be absorbed via the gut but the addition of sublingual absorption can mean more potent effects and a faster onset time!

What CBD brands are available?

At Hemptations we have a large CBD drinks fridge in store packed with a myriad of different CBD drinks. These drinks include CBD seltzers, alcohol alternatives, botanical drinks, health shots, sparkling water and more..

Goodrays CBD Drink cans with ice cubes

Goodrays CBD

Goodrays are on a journey to unlocking nature's best kept secret. To do this they have created a range of delicious CBD infused seltzers. These drinks don't just taste great, they also pack a punch with 30mg of quality CBD in each and every one. Moreover they also offer a healthy dose of sunshine with the addition of 5µg Vitamin D in each can. Available in 4 unique flavours including Blood Orange & Grapefruit, Passionfruit & Pomelo, Elderflower & Yuzu and Raspberry & Guava


BumbleZest is a family ran business with the dream of making drinks to help you deal with all the challenges of the modern world. Hence their health shots help you unwind, focus, recover or provide that morning boost you need. Their all natural drinks are packed with health enhancing ingredients to improve your body and mind. Enjoy them as much as BumbleZest enjoy making them! Health shots available include Fire + Fortify, Detox + Defend, Calm + Comfort, Mind + Mood and Propel + Protect.

Calm Drinks

Calm Drinks have created a dynamic range of CBD infused drinks with a fresh faced approach. They sought to improve an industry laden with unhealthy, fizzy drinks full of sugar and chemical sweetners. This has undoubtedtly been achieved with their range of drinks that not only taste great but make you feel great too. Moreover their drinks are created using the finest ingredients and are free from chemicals and dairy. Choose from Zero Sugar Cola, Orange Immune Support, Lemon & Lime or Mixed Berry Sparkling Water. Alternatively if you prefer hot drinks check out Calm Drinks Belgian Hot Chocolate Flakes.

Drink 420

Drink 420 isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. Moreover it’s the solution to help you through that unwanted situation and also something to help you unwind and rebalance. These guys are all about delivering the health benefits of cannabis without the high. That’s why each CBD drink is infused with 15mg CBD isolate and contains 0% THC. Choose from Wild Berries, Elderflower Lime or Hibiscus Ginger. It’s 4:20 somewhere!


Cannasa’s mission is simple, to “bring hemp based drinks that are good for you and the planet to your doorstep.” Their dedication to using high-quality, natural ingredients is evident in their delicious botanical drinks. The perfect combination to natural, hemp-derived CBD. Above all they never add anything artificial to their drinks. This is the Cannasa promise to you. Check out their delectable Botanical Rose & Raspberry CBD Lemonade.

Little Rick CBD Drinks with black background

Little Rick

Little Rick CBD Drinks are inspired by your favourite alcoholic beverages with a hemp twist. Options include Mojito, Pina and Raspberry Lemonade and they're all absolutely delicious. In addition to it's incredible taste, each drink serves 32mg of highly, bioavailable, lab tested CBD. Moreover they are one of the only drinks on the market to use full spectrum CBD. This means you get the benefits of lots of other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Potent and they taste amazing.. What are you waiting for?

CBD Drinks dosage

The FSA have set the limit of CBD a healthy adult should take each day at 70mg. How many drinks this equates to will depend on the strength of the drink. For example just 2x Little Rick tins will take you up close to the 70mg mark. On the other hand, if you are drinking Calm Drinks then you would theoritically be advised to drink no more than 7 tins. With that said, given that many of these drinks contain sugar it is advisable to drink no more than 3 drinks each day. If you still require more CBD after this why not get it from an alternative means such as CBD oil or CBD patches?

CBD dosage is unique to the individual therefore it typically takes a little trial and error to discover your optimal dose. The best way to find yours is to begin on a low dose and gradually increase it as required until you find your 'sweet spot.' For more information on dosing check out our Simple Guide to CBD Dosage.


What do CBD infused drinks do?

CBD has a number of beneficial effects on you when consumed in a drink. Consumers of CBD drinks often report feeling more relaxed, caring less, reduction in aches and pains and even an improvement in sleep.

Do CBD drinks work?

The science is pretty settled on this, yes CBD "works." The only caveat when talking about drinks specifically is how they are absorbed. CBD when consumed in a liquid will be both absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) and via the gut. While the latter is a less efficient way to absorb CBD, the effects are enjoyed longer this way. Moreover sublingual absorption is one of the most efficient ways of absorbing CBD. Due to this CBD drinks a usually a better option than CBD edibles or CBD capsules.

BumbleZest CBD Drinks Health Shots on bench with half cut lemon and plant

Are CBD drinks legal UK?

Yes, CBD drinks are legal in the UK however they have to comply with certain regulations. In other words there is a limit on how much of the psychotropic cannabinoids THC and CBN they may contain. With that said, you no longer have to worry about this as the CBD market is now regulated by the FSA.

Any Oral CBD product must now be approved and on the FSA CBD Novel Foods list for sale in England and Wales. All of our CBD drinks are currently on this list which certifies their quality and safety. Enjoy our beverages with full confidence of both their quality and their legality.

Are CBD drinks safe?

Yes CBD drinks are safe. The WHO famously said CBD was "well tolerated with a good safety profile." Evidently CBD is very safe to use. Moreover drinks typically come in low doses of CBD (10mg - 32mg) which gives you great flexibility over dosing

CBD can interact with some medication, particuarly blood thinners. If you are on medication and want to supplement CBD, please speak to a physician first.

Are CBD drinks healthy?

CBD drinks are certainly a more health conscious choice than a standard soft drink or an alcoholic beverage. Of course CBD is great for reducing inflammation and stress which in turn is beneficial to health. With that said some CBD drinks may contain sweeteners or sugar. If you are looking for the healthiest way of taking CBD try some full spectrum CBD oil.

Can CBD in drinks get you high?

No CBD in drinks cannot get you high as cannabidiol aka CBD is a non-psychotropic compound. In other words CBD doesn't induce a high no matter how you consume it. Please note some brands do use full specturm CBD which may contain a minute amount of THC. This tiny amount naturally occurs in the hemp plant but will never produce a high.

Do CBD drinks relax you?

You know they do, that's why you're here.. Seriously though, many users report feeling more relaxed, calmer, less stressed, even carefree after downing a CBD infused drink.

Do CBD drinks get you drunk?

No CBD drinks will not get you drunk as they do not contain any alcohol.

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