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CBD Paste

Our range of CBD paste includes CBD Brothers whole plant extract which is a strong concentrated paste. It is certainly a great option for those wishing to benefit from the whole hemp plant with no additives. This is CBD oil in its most natural form as it has gone through less of a filtration process than resulting in a thick, waxy paste that’s brimming with active compounds.

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What is CBD paste?

CBD paste is the raw hemp extract that is created during the extraction. It is absolutely brimming with active cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids among many other beneficial phytonutrients. CBD paste is an unrefined, hemp extract in its raw form and has not had anything added or taken away from it. In appearance, it is a viscous paste that is much thicker than CBD oil.

How do you take CBD paste?

CBD paste is extremely versatile and can be used both orally and topically. It typically comes in a syringe for easy administration. Simpy dispense the paste and apply it to the affected area or administer into the side of your cheek. You also have oral mucosa here where the cannaibinoids can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, just like CBD oil. CBD paste is extremely potent but be warned the after taste is an acquired one.

How much CBD paste should I take?

CBD paste is extemely potent therefore care should be taken around dosage to ensure best results. As with any CBD, you should begin on a low dose and slowly increase it as required. Thanks to the amount of active cannabinoids in CBD paste you typically require a lower dose than other CBD products.

Remember the FSA now advise a healthy adult takes no more than 70mg a day. Therefore remember to stay beneath this threshold should you need to go that high. FYI, most don't. A dose of 10-25mg CBD is the average effective dose for UK CBD users. Check out our blog, A Simple Guide to CBD Dosage for Beginners to make the most of your CBD paste experience.

Converting CBD Paste Dosage to CBD Oil

With the disheartening news that CBD Brothers are no longer making their favoured Green Edition CBD paste it is important to make the transition to other products as seamless as possible. Below is a guide of how to switch without skewing your dosage.

The most logical switch for users of the Green Editon CBD Paste is to move to CBD Brothers Green Editon Oil. You can also use the below guide to switch seamlessly without affecting your daily dose.

  • 2 grains of rice Green Paste (28mg) = 20 drops Green / 11 drops Blue
  • 1.5 grains of rice Green Paste (21mg) = 15 drops Green / 9 drops Blue
  • 1 grain of rice Green Paste (14mg) = 10 drops Green / 6 drops Blue
  • 1/2 grain of rice Green Paste (7mg) = 5 drops Green / 3 drops Blue

Alternatively CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil will work well too or we have a number of other full spectrum CBD oils to choose from if required.

CBD paste in syringe

CBD paste comes in a syringe as opposed to CBD oil which typically comes in a dark glass bottle wiht a pipette. The main reason for this is the viscosity of paste which is much thicker than CBD oil. The use of a syringe allows for easy and precising dosing.

CBD Raw Paste

As CBD paste is raw and untreated it will contain many acidic precursor cannabinoids such as CBDa or CBGa. Studies have shown these cannabinoids can be effective at much lower doses than their decarboxylated counterpart. For example, CBDa is typically more potent at a lower dose than CBD. This is one of the huge advantages of taking full spectrum CBD paste instead of CBD capsules or CBD edibles, etc.

CBD Paste vs CBD oil

CBD oil and paste are not that different from one another. They are both taken primarily sublingually and can both contain the same cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omega 3:6 ratio, etc. In fact most full spectrum CBD oil is really just paste emulsified into a carrier oil to improve absorption.

With that said there are a number of differences between the two. Probably the most notable is flavour. Although many people baulk at the taste of traditional CBD oil, paste boasts an even stronger flavour profile. Moreover CBD oil can come in different extracts such as CBD isolate oil or broad spectrum CBD oil which can provide a much milder flavour.

Additionally the absorption rates of CBD oil are likely to be better than that of paste. This is thanks to the presence of a carrier oil/fat which CBD is soluble in. The presence of fat greatly improves the absorption of CBD. That is why it is imperative to take CBD with a meal. With that said, the high concentrations of cannabinoids within paste typically atone for the poorer absorption rates.

Where to buy CBD Paste

CBD paste can get pretty expensive with customers paying well over £100 for a quality CBD paste. Thanks to our extensive industry network however, we have sourced the highest quality CBD paste without the crazy pricing.

At Hemptations we stock a handful of different CBD pastes including CBD Brothers Purple Edition and CBD Brothers Green Edition. These incredibly priced whole plant extract paste are created by the UK's only grower and CBD producer, CBD Brothers. Choose from indica or sativa cultivars to best suit your needs.

CBD Paste Ireland

CBD paste is expensive in Ireland. Luckily we ship to many EU countries including Ireland which means you can get quality CBD Brothers or Holistic Highland Hemp paste shipped directly to your door. Moreover, thanks to our location in Bangor, Northern Ireland we can ship across the EU without the need for customs.

CBD Paste UK

At Hemptations you can get CBD Brothers whole plant extract paste delivered directly to your door anywhere in the UK. Simply place your order in our CBD shop and we will ship it directly to your door. Order by 4pm Monday to Friday to have your order dispatched the same day.

Full spectrum CBD paste UK

Our CBD paste is extracted using supercritical co2 to preserve all the active compounds within the plant. This means more beneficial stuff for you. Moreover it is a completely unrefined and full spectrum CBD paste which is among the best and most cost effective in the UK or EU.

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