What to look out for when buying CBD

Are you buying CBD for the first time but are completely unsure what where to begin? Are you overwhelmed by the many different brands and products available? You are not alone. We understand that the CBD market can be daunting for a beginner. That’s why we have created this list to guide you in the right direction. Below we explore the five key features of high quality CBD.

Supercritical co2 Extracted CBD

Supercritcal Co2 Extraction

In order to create the CBD products we all love first of all you must extract CBD from the plant. There are many ways to achieve this using solvents, dry ice or even olive oil. The safest and most efficient method however is by far supercritical co2 extraction.

The process itself is complex, requires expensive equipment and a high degree of expertise. It is however gentle and delivers CBD in its most effacacious form, retaining all of its essential oils.

First of all liquid CO2 is put into a ‘supercritical state’ using pressure and heat.’ This creates a ‘safe solvent’ to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The majority of brands use this method of extraction and for good reason. Always opt for CBD that has been extracted using supercritical CO2.

Which CBD extract is best?

Another decision you will be faced with when buying CBD for the first time is the option of a CBD isolate product or a full plant extract. While CBD isolate has its uses, most science seems to support the theory that full plant extracts are far more effective. This is due to full plant extract containing not only CBD but also trace amounts of other cannabinoids (CBG, THCV, etc.), flavonoids and terpenes which work together synergistically increasing the benefits exponentially. This is known as the entourage effect or may be labelled on the product as full spectrum.

Cost of Buying CBD

As more and more studies unveil the potential of this inimitable compound we see more and more CBD products available to purchase online. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of low cost products under the guise of ‘premium quality CBD.’ Unfortunately this swell in popularity and an unregulated market present an opportunity to the unscrupulous among us who are attempting to cash in on the CBD boom by peddling low quality CBD products made using cheap extraction and/or low quality hemp. Many of these products are extracted using solvents, are not controlled and may potentially be unsafe.

The fact of the matter is that creating legitimate, pure and safe CBD extract is costly. The aforementioned co2 extraction equipment does not come cheap and requires a high level of expertise however it does ensure the final product is as pure as it gets with all terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids preserved. Bad news for the bargain hunters amongst us, good quality CBD is not a cheap commodity.

Third Party Lab Testing

CBD Laboratory Testing

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing CBD oil is authenticating exactly what is in your product. The last thing you want to do is to inhale synthetic cannabinoids or other toxic ingredients. It is very easy in an unregulated market to make unsubstantiated claims about what a product contains. This is why independent third party laboratory testing is imperative.

Look out for a certificate of analysis when purchasing CBD. This will detail the cannabinoid and terpene content of the sample. Some may even test for residuals such as solvents and pesticides. A copy of this certificate for each product should be available on the company website or upon request. This allows the customer full transparency to see precisely what their product contains.

At Hemptations we place a lab report for each of our oils at the bottom of the product description.

CBD Reviews and Testimonials

Nowadays the average consumer is considerably more astute than in previous years. Much of this is attributed to the Internet and the growth of online reviews. As many as 90% of consumers now claim online reviews influence their buying decisions. CBD is no different. If your CBD supplier is worth its salt, a legitimate customer review will be easy to find online.

Although many CBD websites opt not to permit customer reviews on their page due to MHRA restrictions on medical claims, you should be able to find out how others find their products through review websites such as Trustpilot or Google. Be wary of CBD products low presence or no platform for reviews online, there is likely a reason for this.

Buying CBD for the first time

To conclude, the CBD market can be a minefield for a new user. The choices are seemingly endless and unfortunately one flutter with a low quality CBD brand can skew ones opinion on CBD as a product. This is why it is important to look out for these 5 points when choosing a CBD supplement. We recommend always buying your CBD directly from your local specialist and checking the lab reports and online reviews before purchasing. This will help ensure you choose a safe, quality product that is right for you.

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