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Got some thick CBD distillate or wax you need to burn? CCELL Carts are the perfect solution. With quality ceramic heating elements you can enjoy large clouds of flavourful vapour without compromise. With glass housing and medical grade materials throughout, CCELL carts are certainly the best in class for concentrate vaping.

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Check out the best of the UK CCELL Vape Carts with Hemptations. CBD is best absorbed by our bodies when its inhaled. You can enjoy more potent effects much faster with vaped CBD. Moreover there's no cleaner way of vaping it than in a CCELL with a ceramic atomiser for clean vapour.

What are CCELL Carts?

CCELL Carts are high quality cartridges that have been specifically designed for vaping thick, viscous oils such as CBD distillate, etc.. They are the best in their class and utilise revolutionary ceramic heating elements to replace the traditional cotton core. This patented ceramic formula swiftly absorbs, stores and atmoises thick oils evenly. This results in the purest flavour with no scorch, waste or toxic by-products. For vaping cannabis or hemp oils, there really is no better option.

What types of CCELL Carts are there?

CCELL have designed a number of different cartridges for vaping thicker oils with subtle variations. While all their carts employ their patented ceramic core heating tech, there are other differences between each cart. Let's explore those below..

CCELL TH2 Cartridge

CCELL TH2 Cartridges provide a luxury cannabinoid vaping experience. They're emaculately put together with the screw in mouthpiece and silicon bottom securing the cart and preventing any leaks. Additionally they’ve used safe glass housing and a ceramic heating element to provide clean vapour with no nasty by-products.

CCELL TH2-EVO x2 0.5ml white 1ml black Screw-on mouthpiece Borosilicate glass body blue background

CCELL TH2-Evo Cartridge

CCELL TH2-Evo Cartridges are enhanced and optimised with new heating elements to deliver the most flavourful vapour and the largest clouds. It can tackle viscous oils like CBD distillate without compromise. It’s also made from leakproof, food grade materials in the usual CCELL standard we’ve come to expect. There’s no need to pre-heat so you can enjoy every last drop of pure flavour and powerful potency.

Moreover the TH2-Evo has upgraded performance from the TH2 promising enhanced flavour, larger clouds and consistency. The improved heat distribution has certainly helped them achieve this. One study found these carts performed much better with 43% larger clouds vaping live resin and 23% larger with distillate.

CCELL Kera Cartridge

CCELL Kera Cartridge delivers the purest flavours from your CBD concentrates. It’s made with highly stable borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic to ensure you experience the cleanest vapour every time. Kera guarantees pure flavours while elimating any corrosion and chemical byproducts created during the heating process.

Enjoy extra vapor in each pull as the Kera is powered by proprietary CELL ceramic heating technology. This means Kera delivers 20% larger clouds with an average of 5.4mg of TPM per puff.

Moreover it’s full ceramic build ensures it’s one of the safest carts around. The ceramic core boasts anti-corrosion properties that safeguards your oil from metal impurities. With CCELL Kera cartridge you can experience the purest flavours, safest experience and comfortable mouth feel.

CCELL Kera Carts 0.5ml and 1ml side by side white mouthpieces white background

CCELL Kera RR Rosin Cartridge

CCELL Kera RR Rosin Cartridge delivers the purest flavours from your CBD concentrates. Just like standard Kera, it's also made with highly stable borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic. This ensures the cleanest vapour and purest flavours every time. Moreover this eliminates corrosion and chemical byproducts created during the heating process. The ultimate in concentrate vaping. Think wax, shatter, rosin, live resin, diamonds & sauce, etc in a easy to use, convenient cartridge.

CCELL TH205 RR (Rosin/Resin) Cartridge

CCELL TH205 RR Cartridge has been uniquely designed to allow for a thicker extract ratio. They’re equipped with a larger 2.5mm inlet hole to effortlessly cope with viscous extracts like rosin, resin, CBD shatterCBD wax, etc. Like other CCELL carts, TH205 RR is equipped with an enhanced ceramic heating element to deliver large clouds of flavourful vapour.

You can also expect pure luxury with this one, it's made from medical-grade materials in the usual CCELL standard we’ve come to expect. The screw in mouthpiece with silicon bottom secures the cart and prevents any leaking. Additionally it’s equiped with safe glass housing to provide clean vapour with no nasty by-products.

CCELL Klean EVO Cartridge

The new CCELL Klean EVO cartridge is tailor made for high terpene extracts. With it you can enjoy dense, rich clouds packed with true-to-taste terpenes, as nature intended. Moreover Klean’s advanced design and intentional engineering ensures that it prevents clogs to provide a clean vaping experience every time.

With Klean you can consume your favourite CBD extracts with confidence and peace of mind. They have been designed with a sleek and modern metal sleeve to protect oil from light deterioration. Additionally it provides discretion and privacy for those looking to fly under the radar!

CBDfx Vape Kit V2 Cart

This CBDfx vape kit cartridge is the perfect cart to add you favourite distillates into for maximum flavour and longevity. With an adjustable airflow and air intake holes located at the bottom of the chamber, this cartridge is best-in-class when it comes to vaping experience and minimising waste. Moreover it has been engineered to make refilling as easy as possible which means you won’t ever waste any precious dilly again.

Similar to the CCELL, CBDfx V2 carts are equipped with a ceramic coil and a glass and steel body. You can even refill them around 8 times before the coil needs replaced. They're compatible with any version 2 510 thread cartridges.

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Are CCELL Carts good?

CCELL Carts are universally understood as the best in their class. They are made from the highest quality materials to ensure user safety and no toxic by-products. This is contrast to other brands who use cheap leaky metals that can create nasties when vaping. Moreover they work with any 510 battery although you can expect the best experience when pairing them with a CCELL battery.

Are CCELL Carts safe?

Safety is the number one priority at CCELL. They utilise advanced technology and reliable materials like ceramic, stainless steel and borosilicate glass to create exceptional carts that finesse all safety tests. No heavy metals, no plastics, nothing toxic to inhale, just pure health affirming terpenes from your favourite extract.

How to take apart CCELL carts?

Some CCELL cartridges are easier to take apart than others. For example the TH2, TH2 evo and TH205 RR have a screw on mouthpiece that comes off by simply screwing it counterclockwise. Just remember the extract can sometimes pool around the screw so be mindful of that if it is not coming off easily. A little heat should loosen this enough to screw it off.

Alternatively ceramic carts like the Kera come with a press fit mouthpiece. Trying to remove the mouthpiece in these carts is quite difficult and it's likely you will damage or break your cart. Ultimately these carts are single use carts and probably aren't the option if you're looking to refill CCELL carts.

How to refill a CCELL cartridge?

To refill CCELL carts, simply unscrew the lid and fill the chamber to the fill line. then screw the top back in being careful not to overflow the solution. After the cart is filled it is a good idea to let it rest for 20-30 minutes to allow the extract absorb into the coil. Then, you're good to begin vaping.

How do you use CCELL vape carts?

Once they're filled, CCELL carts couldn't be any easier to use. All you need to get started is your vape cartridge and a vape pen with a 510 thread. For best results we recommend using with a CCELL battery. Simply remove the cartridge from all packaging and screw the 510 thread end directly into your charged battery ready for use. Once ready either take a puff of your draw activated CBD vape pen or use

What's the difference between CBD distillate vape carts and CBD e-liquid?

CCELL carts are really designed for thick oils such as CBD extracts and concentrates. There are other carts available on the market that are designed to be filled with CBD e-liquid, which consists of a VG/PG base, CBD and flavouring. CCELL carts on the other hand are designed for oils that do not contain a VG/PG base. They're designed the more difficult to tackle pure distilled cannabis oils, concentrates, waxes, high terpene rosins, etc.

How to know when a CCELL cartridge is empty?

Aside from seeing the cart empty you might also get a burning taste from an empty coil. This is how you know its time to refill your cart or purchase a new one.

What wattage to vape CCELL cartridge?

CCELL carts have a standard resistance of 1.5ohms which works best with all CCELL batteries. Most CCELL batteries offer between 2.8v and 3.8v (5,5-10W) which is the best range for maximising flavour. This low wattage will protect the CBD molecule and the more volatile terpenes within many of these carts.

The ideal wattage for vaping CBD is largely preference as some cannabinoids and terpenes burn at different temperatures. Some batteries such as CCELL M3 come with just one wattage already set. On other devices such as the CCELL Silo self adapts the temperature settings to automatically give you the best experience. Whichever device you choose you're in for a luxury, flavoursome and potent vaping experience.

Advantages of CCELL Carts

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