Buying as an EU Customer

Thanks to the NI protocol and our location in Northern Ireland, we are in a good situation to ship certain products to the EU.

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Ordering CBD from the EU

Unfortunately our current card merchant doesn’t allow us to accept EU credit or debit cards. Don’t worry though, you can still pay for your order by bank transfer or by purchasing store credit from our Sister website.


Paying by Store Credits

To purchase store credit you can visit our Sister site North Down Health and purchase store credit for use on any of our websites (North Down Health and Hemptations CBD).

Store credits are sold in £1 denominations so make sure you know how much your order will be to ensure you buy enough to cover your order and any shipping charges.

Once you’ve purchased your store credits, if you wish to transfer them to Hemptations CBD simply email us and we will transfer them onto your Hemptations account. Please note this is done manually during store hours so please remain patient if your purchase is outside of store working hours.

Once your store credits are transferred you can see them in the Store Credit area of the My Account section on our website.


Paying via Bank Transfer

Don’t want the hassle of purchasing store credits before you checkout? No problem, you can still checkout the old fashioned way. You can also send payment for your order via bank transfer.

Please note this will be an international bank transfer so there may be additional bank fees involved and it may take a few days to reach us. Your order will not be shipped until the funds clear in our account.


Paying via Cryptocurrency

Finally, we can still take payment the decentralised way with cryptocurrency. That’s right you can even checkout your CBD order using Bitcoin. To process crypto orders, we use Coinbase Commerce and requests must also be made by email in advance. If you need Bitcoin to pay for your order, we recommend purchasing it on Coinbase.

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