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Dutch CBD brand Endoca are expertly crafting some of the finest extracts in the UK using organic hemp. This results in some of the purest, high grade hemp extracts available anywhere in the world. Shop their extensive, lab tested safe and effective range with full confidence.

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About Endoca

Endoca CBD products are widely regarded as the world's best, and for good reason. Not only are their hemp plants grown organically under the Scandanavian sun but their CBD is also extracted using state-of-the-art supercritical co2 extraction. This preserves all active compounds within the formulation keeping it as natural as possible. The end result is a pure, high grade extract that is free of GMO or unnatural chemicals.

Endoca's primary focus is to research and create innovative, safe cannabis extracts that are accessible and affordable to everyone worldwide. The founder of Endoca has a background in science and has years of experience in hemp cultivation. Today they cultivate over 2000 acres of hemp on organic land. They also remain dedicated to sustainability and strive toward a 100% sustainable future.

As with all products sold at Hemptations CBD, Endoca's range is laboratory tested by an independent third party. They do however, go even further in their dedication to quality assurance as they test for over 200 pesticides and toxins. Their facility in the Netherlands is GMP certified where they continue to improve their products to ensure quality and safety.

Endoca CBD Products

This range has been specially crafted by a team of scientists in order to harness the pure power of hemp. In addition to their stringent quality standards, they use special breed of Scandanivian hemp and employ innovative, gentle extraction techniques to reproduce the balanced profile of the original hemp. The result is a range of high quality, cannabinoid rich organic CBD extracts to promote optimal health.

Endoca Raw CBD Oil

This Raw hemp oil is unheated and unrefined which to preserve minor cannabinoids in addition to CBD, omega 3, vitamin D&E, terpenes and other plant co-factors/nutrients. The purpose of this is to provide you with the hemp plant exactly how nature intended. This whole plant formula helps to naturally support your endocannabinoid system by retaining balance within the body.

Endoca CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules are perfect for those averse to the taste of traditional CBD oil and where better to get them from? Endoca RAW CBD Oil Capsules are a perfect blend of unrefined CBD+CBDa, terpenes, flavonoids, omegas and other plant co-factors. Extracted gently using co2, these organic CBD capsules work with your own biochemistry to promote balance in the body. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD with a total of 300mg CBD/CBDa per bottle.

CBD Skincare

In addition to high quality oils and capsules, our Dutch friends also offer a range of CBD skincare. First of all their Hemp Lips & Skin Balm provide natural protection and moisturisation to your lips and skin. This vitamin E, coconut and cannabinoid blend fits in pockets and bags easily for relief when you need it.

Similarly Endoca Whipped Body Butter is 100% natural and perfect for moisturings and nourishing skin with the antioxidant properties of CBD. Furthermore it is made with food grade ingredients so pure that you can even eat it! That would be a disservice to your skin though, as this is the skin protectant you've been crying out for.

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Quality Standards

They lead by example in raising the bar for quality of the hemp industry through analytics and quality assurance. Moreover their quality is verified by GMP certification and regular third party laboratory testing. In other words these products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art clean room and are provably free of any pesticides, herbicides, mold, etc. They even also provide lab reports for each product so you know you are receiving exactly what is on the label.

Endoca uses only the best state-of-the-art technology to create safe, CBD rich hemp products. Quality control is central to their quest to bring you the customer the very best CBD products nature and science can offer. This ensures each and every batch is toxin and contamination free. They even go as far as to unconditionally guarantee their products are 100% organic and free of synthetic ingredients.


In terms of pricing, Endoca products are at the higher end of the market with their 300mg Raw CBD oil coming in at £26 which is over the average of £19.99 for this strength. Of course this is due to the extra steps these guys take in regards to quality and safety. Real organic, raw cannabinoid extracts that are tested for a myriad of contaminents are inevitably going to cost a little more. With that said however, all things considered we fully believe this range warrants the extra few pounds.

Endoca Reviews

Their reputation online is outstanding with incredible testimonials appearing across the web. Most significantly, their TrustPilot boasts a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from well over 4000 reviews. These reviews from across the globe and really bespeak just how well revered of a company they are. According to your fellow CBD users, you can 100% shop this range with absolute confidence.


The final verdict on Endoca CBD is that they are one of the best CBD producers on the planet. Their cannabinoid rich organic, raw material and innovative extraction methods stand them apart from their peers. Moreover their dedication to quality and safety is extremely refreshing in an industry that at times has been accused of perhaps cutting some corners. We believe that despite the top shelf price point, it is worth investing in these products as there are few CBD brands that can offer what they do.

Key Features

Based – Hoofddorp, Netherlands & California, USA
Available Products – CBD Oil, Capsules, Skincare
Extract Used – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum
Carrier Oil – Cole pressed hemp seed oil
Extraction – Supercritical Co2
Quality Standards – GMP
3rd Party Lab Testing – HPLC
Organic certified – Yes

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