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CBD Isolate oil is the purest form of CBD oil. This means each oil contains around 99.9% CBD and is completely free of THC. If you are looking for a THC free oil that tastes great then check out 365 CBD and Vitality. Moreover you can shop with confidence as 365 is made by Mile High Labs, the largest extractor of CBD isolate worldwide.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is a highly purified extract of cannabidiol (CBD) which has been refined to remove any other constituents of the hemp plant, including THC. This means no waxes, oils, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids or other hemp co-factors. Just >99% pure CBD.

CBD isolate oil is an odourless, crystalline powder which makes it perfect for mixing into all sorts of CBD products. It also has a neutral flavour which makes it perfect for adding terpenes or flavours to create a more palatable CBD oil.

What is CBD isolate oil?

CBD isolate oil is the purest form of CBD oil as it contains 99% pure CBD isolate. This is highly purified CBD which has been separated from the rest of the hemp plant. In other words CBD isolate contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. Just pure, isolated CBD and a carrier oil. Some brands like 365 CBD also add flavour to their CBD isolate oil as a tasty alternative to full spectrum CBD oil.

What is the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD contains many other components of the hemp plant such as flavonoids and terpenes. It will also contain cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, THCV, CBDA, THCA, and even THC. Of course this tiny amount of THC won't cause a high but it may show up on a drug test.

CBD isolate on the other hand, is highly purified CBD which contains none of these other molecules. Full spectrum CBD contains all the plant's natural wellness components in addition to CBD whereas CBD isolate contains pure CBD alone.

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Is CBD isolate legal in the UK

CBD isolate is absolutely legal in the UK. CBD isolate is highly purified and is free of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. This means you can purchase CBD isolate oil and all other kinds of CBD perfectly legal in the UK. Remember that all CBD isn't created equally though, therefore to ensure you don't fall foul of the law, make sure you purchase yours from a reputable store.

Is CBD isolate oil safe?

Cannabidiol generally is very safe regardless of which extract you choose. The World Health Organisation have classed CBD as being well tolerated with a good safety profile. Moreover CBD isolate is a natural finished product of the hemp plant.

As CBD isolate is highly purified, it contains no THC which is the one compontent of plant which has been linked to negative effects on the developing brain of some users. CBD isolate typically contains over 99% CBD, with the 1% being made up by trace Evidently CBD isolate oil is safe for all to use.

One caveat in this is the emergence of synthetic CBD isolate as opposed to hemp derived CBD isolate. Synthetic CBD is created using some potentially toxic ingredients which should be purged before the final product. Due to this, we advise avoiding synthetic CBD and opting for safer, hemp derived CBD isolate. Nature knows best. At Hemptations you can rest assured that none of our products contain synthetic CBD.

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How to make CBD isolate oil

Due to its highly refined nature, extracting and creating CBD isolate requires a few more steps than creating traditional full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil. As all the additional components have to be removed it calls for additional equipment and more expertise. Processes such as extraction, winterisation, distillation and decarboxylation are used to achieve this.

Once you have your CBD isolate, simply add it to a carrier oil of your choosing to make CBD isolate oil. Typically MCT is the best for this purpose however you can also use olive or hemp seed oil. Finally if you like a little flavour add some terpenes or sweeteners to taste.

How to use CBD isolate oil

CBD isolate oil is taken like other CBD oil, under the tongue. For best results drop a small amount of oil beneath your tongue and hold it for 90 seconds. After that swallow the excess and effects should take place in around 20 minutes. For more information read our blog How to take CBD oil effectively.

With CBD dosage is unique to the individual. To find yours, begin on a low dose and slowly up-titrate as required until you find the 'sweet spot.' Please note that you may require a higher dose of CBD isolate oil than you typically would with other CBD oils. This is because there no other cannabinoids present in CBD isolate oil. In other words, you cannot benefit from the entourage effect with CBD isolate.

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Where can I buy CBD isolate oil

There is CBD isolate oil for sale across the UK but beware of synthetic CBD isolate oil. This is often labelled "pure CBD" but unfortunately it isn't always so easy to spot. There are currently no requirements for a CBD brand to label their product as synthetic. This means it is more important than ever to pure CBD isolate oil from a reputable supplier.

At Hemptations we are cannabis enthusiasts. We believe in keeping the plant in as close to its natural form as possible for maximum benefits. That is why you only ever find CBD isolate oil that has been taken from hemp. No synthetic CBD, ever, period.

The two big hitters in the CBD isolate oil market are undoubtedly Vitality CBD and 365 CBD. You can find them alongside hundreds of other top shelf CBD isolate products in our online store. In addition to CBD oil, we also have CBD skincare, CBD E-Liquid, CBD Capsules, CBD Drinks and CBD Edibles containing CBD isolate.


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