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Darwin CBD

Darwin CBD serves up the highest strengh e-liquids on the market at rock bottom prices. Moreover they also come in a range of delicious flavours. With disposables and shortfills of CBD vapes, you can’t go wrong with Darwin.

Darwin CBD e-liquid and disposable vape pen with brown background weed leaves

About Darwin CBD

Darwin CBD is a relative new comer to the CBD vaping market but they are certainly one of the fastest growing companies around. Their disposable vapes and CBD E-Liquid is among the best in the industry and their reviews attest to that. They have undoubtedly established themselves as a firm favourite amongst CBD vaping fans.

What Darwin CBD products are available?

Darwin specialise in high strength CBD vaping at the best possible price. Their extensive range of flavours also means there's one of these for everyone. Between their super potent 60ml vape juices and their XX-strength disposables you can rely on their quality e-liquid for all your CBD vaping needs.

Darwin CBD Vape Juice 3000mg 60ml

Darwin CBD Vape Juice 3000mg CBD is our most potent yet. This great value CBD e-liquid will last that bit longer with its 60ml bottle. It's also available in 9 delicious flavours including Cola Cubes, Sweet Strawberry and Watermelon Ice. This means you can enjoy an effective CBD vaping experience with your favourite tasting clouds. With a whopping 3000mg of CBD in a 60ml bottle it's certainly the most cost effective option in the cannabinoid vaping world.

Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Pen The Big One 2000mg (8.5ml)

Darwin CBD Disposable Vape Pen "The Big One" also delivers a seriously potent CBD vaping experience. Each disposable CBD vape pen is packed with a whopping 2000mg CBD for maximum efficacy. Moreover you don't even need to charge it or refill it, just vape away and dispose of it when you're done. It's also pre-filled with 8.5ml of vape juice which comes in a range of delicious flavours. This amounts to around 3000 puffs so it should last you a while.

woman blowing a cloud of smoke after using a cbd vape against a mirror


Are Darwin CBD vapes good?

Darwin CBD vapes are really good quality and offer some of the strongest vapes on the market at a very reasonable price. Overall they are a fantastic option for anyone looking to deliver CBD by vaping.

Is Darwin CBD vape safe?

Like all products at Hemptations, Darwin vapes are lab tested by an independent party for quality assurance. They are absolutely safe. With that said, inhaling anything at a temperature can cause some inflammation. If you don't want to vape CBD why not checkout a CBD edible or CBD oil?

Does Darwin CBD vape get you high?

Darwin CBD vapes do not contain any psychotropic cannabinoids such as THC or CBN. Thanks to this you can not get high from vaping Darwin CBD vapes.

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