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CBD Dabbing

CBD Dabbing is the process of vaporising and inhaling CBD Concentrates such as wax, shatter, etc. Much like other CBD vaping products dabs are potent and the effects are felt quickly. Due to this we recommend dabs for experienced users. Our selection includes CBD wax crumble and terpene rich CBD diamonds and sauce.

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CBD Shatter with green background

What is CBD Dabbing?

Dabbing is the vapourising of a cannabis concentrate such as wax crumble or shatter to inhale the vapourised cannabinoids. CBD dabs offer one of, if not the, most concentrated form(s) of CBD around. Moreover they typically contain no additional ingredients.

Benefits of dabbing CBD

There are a few clear benefits of taking CBD dabs. First of all vaporising concentrated forms of CBD is an extremely effective route of administration for cannabinoids. The reason for this is because the lungs offer a large absorptive surface area where cannabinoids can diffuse directly into the bloodstream through the alveoli. This results in a higher rate of absorption and immediate effects.

Secondly vaporising offers a huge advantage over smoking as it will cause much less inflammation. Moreover CBD concentrates typically only contain one or two ingredients as opposed to CBD e-liquid which uses a VG/PG base and flavour.

Another additional benefit of dabbing CBD concentrates is the flavour is incredible. With dabbing you have more control over the temperature the dabs vapourise at allowing you to enjoy the best possible flavour.

Finally CBD dabs typically contain other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This can provide additional benefits of the entourage effect.

What kind of CBD dabs are there?

There are a few different CBD concentrates available to choose for dabbing. Let's break down the difference between them below to help you discover which is best for you.

CBD Wax Crumble black background

Wax Crumble

One of the most popular concentrates is CBD wax crumble. As the name suggests. this extract has a crumbly, waxy texture. This extract retains many of the goodies found within the original plant. In other words CBD crumble will contain other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, etc and terpenes in addition to CBD. You can expect to see labs demonstrating over 80% cannabinoids in these hyper-potent extracts.

We have a couple of different CBD wax crumble to choose from at Hemptations. HighKind CBD Wax Crumble with real cannabis terpenes or The Goods CBD Wax. Go nuts making your own e-liquids or dabbing the best CBD wax in the UK.

HighKind Pull n Snap CBD Shatter on brown parchment paper


Shatter is a CBD concentrate that has been manipulated from a plant based entrapment of cannabinoids and terpenes to a glass like finish. To achieve this dry, CBD rich flowers are extracted at a low temperature using a cold solvent. This ensures purity and leaves behind any fats, waxes and adulterants that you don't want in the final form.

After that the extract is finished using vacuum oven purging at a higher temperature to purge out any residual solvents. This will of course, ensure a clean product and the correct viscosity and texture. Typically this is glass like the CBD Shatter pictured above.

At Hemptations we have easily the best CBD shatter in the industry in HighKind CBD Pull N Snap Shatter. If you're looking for a flavour packed dab with real cannabis terpenes then this is for you.

CBD Diamonds and Sauce for dabbing black background

Diamonds & Sauce

Another concentrate taking the UK CBD market by storm is CBD Diamonds and Sauce.This unique, craft concentrate is packed with fresh terpenes for maximum flavour and efficacy. To create these innovative CBD dabs, terpene-rich sauce is poured over large CBD diamonds. Here the CBD diamonds can recrystalise within the terpene sauce as it sits on the shelf. This results in an unbelievably flavourful and heavy hitting extract. The above picture illustrates how HighKind CBD Diamonds and Sauce looks.

Two CBD Distillate Carts lying on a white background


CBD distillate is another highly concentrate powerful and versatile form of CBD. This broad spectrum extract is highly potent and can be used in many different products. In fact many of the broad spectrum CBD products you see before you today are created using CBD distillate.

At Hemptations however, we also offer CBD Distillate Carts for vaping without any cutting agents. This is a much cleaner way to vape CBD as opposed to CBD e-liquid which contains thinning agents vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol. HighKind CBD Distillate Vape Carts and Orange County Disposable CBD Vapes are awesome ways of vaping VG/PG free. Moreover they both contain variations with different terpene profiles to produce differing CBD experiences.

What do CBD dabs taste like?

Ultimately how CBD dabs taste will hinge on which terpenes are used. There are 3 main types that producers can use including matched terpenes, botanical terpenes and cannabis terpenes. The difference between them is that matched terpenes are lab made whereas botanical terps are extracted from flowers, etc. Finally cannabis terpenes, are.. you guessed it, terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant. Of course the latter is going to provide the most effective experience.

Where cannabis terpenes are used or retained CBD dabs taste similar to real cannabis dabs. Dabs containing botanical terpenes on the other hand, will taste similar but they can be a little overpowering. Some customers have told us they can taste a little perfumey.

Both HighKind and The Goods use real cannabis terpenes in their dabs and carts to give you the best possible taste and experience possible.

What does dabbing CBD feel like?

Dabbing CBD offers different effects than any other method of taking. This is due to the potency of CBD concentrates reaching up to 80% cannabinoids. A dab of CBD is going to deliver significantly more CBD into your system than CBD capsules or CBD oil for example. Moreover inhaling CBD is the most bioavailable way to consume it.

Finally terpenes are frequently added to these extracts to maximise flavour but they too have their unique effects on our bodies. Thanks to this you can enjoy unique CBD experiences with each terpene profile. This is the perfect storm for a seriously potent CBD experience. Frequently CBD dabbing users report feeling calmer, improved mood and relief from pain.

Multiple pots of CBD dabs with dab tool in the largest white background

How to dab CBD?

Dabbing CBD is a useful way to enjoy all the benefits of high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes in the most bioavailable way. It involves the vapourising and inhaling of CBD concentrates. There are a number of ways to acheive this however dabbing is typically carried out using a dab pen, a dab rig or an e-rig. Let's take a look at and discuss how to dab CBD in each device below.

Dab Rig

A dab rig is the most common device for dabbing concentrates. It is usually made of glass just like a traditional bong but with a nail or a banger attached especially for concentrates. Normally this is made of quartz glass but bangers are also found in ceramic and titanium.

To dab CBD in a dab rig simply heat your banger using a torch or an e-nail. Once you reach the appropriate temperature add your extract to the heated banger and inhale the vapour.

Dab Pen

Dab pens on the other hand are convenient, handheld devices made for vapourising small amounts of concentrates. They are useful for those who need CBD hits while out and about. To use you will typically add your extract to the chamber consisting of a ceramic or wire coil. From here you can simply press a button to heat and inhale the resulting vapour.

Electronic Dab Rig

Electronic dab rigs or e-rigs, are exactly what they say on the tin. However instead of heating a quartz, ceramic or titanium nail there is a coil within the e-rig which heats up electronically. To take CBD dabs in an e-rig such as the CBDLife Power Dab, add some concentrate onto the coil, set your desired wattage and push to heat. Gradually inhale the vapour and let the good times flow.

Are CBD dabs safe?

CBD dabs are absolutely safe providing they have been purged correctly. If they haven't then there could be some residual solvents left over that may cause harm. This is why it is important to choose a reputable supplier for CBD concentrates.

At Hemptations our trusted concentrate brand is HighKind CBD. Not only do they use organic hemp for the cleanest possible raw material (quality in, quality out) but they also test their products for any nasty residuals and heavy metals. This ensures you get a high quality and above all safe CBD dab each and every time.

In terms of dosage it is always important to follow the guidelines which currently state a maximum of 70mg CBD per day. This is an easy target to meet when vaping high strength extracts so go easy.

How long do CBD dabs last?

Similar to other CBD vaping products CBD dabs tend to last between 1 and 3 hours. This is of course significantly shorter than CBD edibles or CBD drinks that can affect us for up to 7 hours. With that said dabbing CBD is by far the most efficient way to deliver high doses of CBD into your system. The bioavailability of inhaled CBD is so much greater than any other method of delivery.

CBD dabs on a dab tool

Best CBD wax for dabbing?

Undoubtedly the best producers of CBD wax in the UK are The Goods and HighKind. You can purchase both of these brand's products in our CBD shop.

Are CBD dabs worth it?

While CBD dabs are a little more expensive than other CBD products, they are absolutely worth it. Dabbing CBD a delightful experience with the array of terpene profiles available. Moreover it is an incredibly efficient way of consuming CBD as only a little is required each time. If you like cannabis terpenes and heavy hitting doses of cannabinoids in each inhale then CBD dabs are 100% worth it! Scroll back up and add that wax to your basket.

Where to buy CBD dabs in the UK?

While CBD dabs are pretty niche, they are available around the UK. However it is unlikely you will find any quality CBD dabs on your high street. Unless you live in Bangor, NI that is because we have an exceptional range of CBD dabbing products including CBD wax, CBD Diamonds & Sauce, CBD Shatter, etc. We also have a range of dab rigs, quartz bangers, dab tools and carb caps available exclusively in our store.

Don't worry if you don't live locally, you can still purchase our range of concentrates from our online store. We ship daily across the UK and much of the EU. Moreover we are always looking to expand our business so if we don't currently offer shipping where you are, hit us up and we'll see what we can do!

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