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Professor Herb

Professor Herb is the fastest growing cannabis inspired CBD and hemp brand in the UK right now. With their exposure on YouTube they’re quickly establishing themselves as a household name. These guys are a family run business creating innovative, high quality hemp smoking blends, CBD pre rolls and more..

Professor Herb Tobacco Replacement Hemp Blend

Who are Professor Herb?

Professor Herb is the fastest growing cannabis inspired CBD and hemp brand in the UK today. They have quickly become a household name with listings in hundreds of stores across the UK. Moreover they have pioneeded the alternative smoking space with their dynamic and innovative line of hemp based products.

What Professor Herb products are available?

Despite their short time in the industry, Professor Herb have amassed an extensive range of CBD products. Their range includes CBD Pre Rolls, Tobacco Replacement Blends made from hemp trim. Additionally they produce innovative CBD Disposables and CBD E-Liquid filled with H4CBD.

Premium Hempette Pre Rolls 50mg

Professor Herb Premium Hempette CBD Pre Rolls are manufactured using the finest, Italian grown, EU approved industrial hemp biomass. They’re infused with mouth-watering terpenes and flavours to provide a more natural and flavorful alternative to smoking. Moreover they’re absolutely free from nicotine or tobacco and offer up a mild calming euphoric effect.

Additionally each hempette is hand crafted in the UK and rolled with Professor Herb branded ultra-thin rice paper cones. You can certainly expect the smoothest, cleanest burn with pearly white ash and 50mg CBD per hempette.

Tobacco Replacement Hemp Blend 1000mg

Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend is a popular tobacco replacement and a more natural alternative to smoking. Made from EU approved industrail hemp biomass, it’s also totally free from nicotine or tobacco. Users can expect gentle relaxtion, a delicate texture and herbal aroma with 1000mg CBD per pouch.

This 100% hemp blend is perfect for smoking or mixing into your favourite smokable herbs. The blend is pre-ground, meaning it’s ready to twist up straight from the pouch, no grinding required.

H4CBD Disposable Vape Pens 850mg

Professor Herb Disposable H4CBD Vape Pens are sleek, pocket sized disposables that pack a serious punch! Each super high strength pens are certainly not to be taken lightly with 85% H4CBD in each one. Above all you can expect a deeper level of relaxation that traditional CBD.

H4CBD E-Liquid 5000mg

Professor Herb H4CBD E-Liquid is taking the UK by storm.. Moreover this one really packs a serious punch with a whopping 5000mg of H4CBD per bottle! This super high strength e-liquid should certainly not to be taken lightly at such strengths. Above all when you’re vaping this e-liquid, you can expect a deeper level of relaxation and euphoria than traditional CBD e-liquid.

Take your pick from 3 delicious flavours with strain specific terpenes for the true depth of flavour. Choose from Blu Zushi, Cherry Zkittlez and Candy Runts e-liquids and enjoy a traditional vaping experience.

Professor Herb Quality Standards

If you've been shopping with us for a while you've probably gauged that we don't do business with brands that don't take quality assurance seriously. Similarly to all our partner brands, Professor Herb is open and transparent about their quality standards.

Moreover these guys work tirelessly to ensure their hemp-based range remains with the legal framework here in the UK. Additionally all of their products undergo rigorous analysis and testing. You can find CBD lab reports for any of their products at the bottom of the product description on the product page.

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Professor Herb FAQs

Are Professor Herb products legal?

Of course, every product on our website is legal for sale in the UK and Europe. With that said it is understandable that there could be confusion with the originality of their range. They absolutely work tirelessly to ensure they adhere to all laws and regulations in the UK. Moreover they're rigouously tested to ensure they contain the legal amounts of any controlled cannabinoids such as THC. Additionally none of their products are psychotropic and are subject to appropriate age restrictions.

Is smoking hemp safe?

There's no doubt hemp is one of the lighter substances on the chest but smoking anything will create some inflammation. It is at high temperatures that are reached during combustion that toxic by-products are produced. There are other ways of consuming these products pulminarly. It's advisable to use a dry herb vape where possible to comsume smokable hemp products.

What are the benefits of smoking hemp?

Smoking is the quickest delivery method for delivering cannabinoids such as CBD into your system. They'll pass the alveoli straight into your bloodstream. This makes smoking a very effective to provide fast acting relief.

Moreover its bioavailiability is between 25 and 50%. In other words CBD is absorbed better, and faster, compared to other routes of administration. For example CBD edibles can take up to 2 hours to take effect whereas with inhalation effects are almost immediate. Ultimately if you want fast acting and potent relief then smoking hemp can be a useful option.

Will CBD make me high?

No, unlike the other most prominent component of cannabis THC, CBD will not induce a high. CBD is non-impairing and you will always remain in control after consumption. While there is a tiny amount of THC in some full spectrum CBD products, there is not enough to cause a high. All Professor Herb products contain less than the legal amount of THC permitted.

Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

Drug tests do not typically check for CBD as they are looking for the psychotropic component THC. With that said some full spectrum CBD contains minute amounts of THC that may appear on a test. While it is highly unlikely a drug test will produce this false positive, there are other options. If you are concerned about drug testing you should use a broad spectrum or isolate based product. Both of these options are completely free of THC.

What is H4CBD?

H4CBD is a new form of CBD that is growing in popularity in the UK for its high level of potency. In fact some sources claim it can be up to 100x more effective than traditoonal CBD.

This hydrogenised version of CBD is created by combining hemp-derived CBD molecules with hydrogen atoms. This forms H4CBD and delivers many of the same benefits and effects of regular CBD. Thanks to its hyper potency however, a much smaller dose is required to get there.

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