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Unlike traditional CBD e-liquid sold in the UK, a CBD vape cartridge contains no cutting agents. Free from VG and PG, they contain pure distilled cannabis oil. Above all however, our premium distillate carts contain real cannabis terpenes. This means you get the most authentic experience of your favoured cannabis cultivars such as Gelato or Humbolt Sour.

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CBD Vape Cartridge UK

Check out the best of the UK CBD vape cartridge scene with Hemptations. CBD is best absorbed by our bodies when its inhaled. You can enjoy more potent effects much faster with vaped CBD. Cartridges also come with terpenes for an authentic flavour and maximum effects.

What is a CBD Cartridge?

CBD cartridges are one of the many devices available for vaping CBD. They are typically used for more viscous oils such as CBD distillate but can also contain e-liquid. There are two kinds of types cartridges available to purchase. Prefilled carts come packed with vapable CBD and usually discarded after use or replaced with a new one. Whereas refillable cartridges can be refilled numerous times. Either way both carts are used with CBD vape pens with 510 threads. This means CBD carts are easy to use even for first time users.

How do you use a CBD vape cart?

Using a CBD cart couldn't be any easier. All you need to get started is your CBD vape cartridge and a CBD vape pen with a 510 thread. For best results we recommend using with a CCELL battery. Simply remove the cartridge from all packaging and screw the 510 thread end directly into your charged battery ready for use. Once ready either take a puff of your draw activated CBD vape pen or use

What types of CBD vape cartridges are there?

There is a wealth of CBD vape cartridge available on the UK market. As mentioned above there is prefilled and refillable. But other differences include the kind of vape juice they are filled with. For example some carts might contain CBD e-liquid whereas others will contain CBD distillate. Another key difference is the flavouring, some carts will be flavoured with botanical terpenes, which work well but are not as authentic as cannabis-derived terpenes.

The CBD vape cartridge we have available is what we consider to be the best in the UK. HighKind have been pioneers of the UK CBD vape cartridge game by being the first company to use cannabis-derived terpenes. Nowadays they finally have a little competition with the launch of Canna Carts. Both brands use cannabinoid rich CBD distillate with organic cannabis-derived terpenes for an authentic and potent CBD vaping experience.

Are CBD carts legal?

Yes CBD carts are 100% legal in the UK providing they do not contain any illegal cannabinoids such as THC or CBN. At Hemptations all of our 300+ CBD products, including our carts, are totally legal. We are in this for the long game so you can rest assured you will only receive compliant and legal CBD products when buying from us.

How to refill a CBD cartridge?

To refill refillable CBD carts such as CBDfx V2 Cartridge, simply unscrew the lid and fill the chamber to the fill line. then screw the top back in being careful not to overflow the solution. After the cart is filled it is a good idea to let it rest for 20-30 minutes to allow the vape juice to absorb into the coil. Then, you're good to begin vaping.

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What's the difference between CBD distillate vape carts and CBD e-liquid?

CBD Cartridges can be filled with a couple of different kinds of CBD vape. Some cartridges are filled with CBD e-liquid, which consists of a VG/PG base, CBD and flavouring. Distillate vape carts on the other hand, do not contain any VG/PG base. They simply contain pure distilled cannabis oil and are typically flavoured with cannabis derived terpenes.

Why is my CBD cartridge crystalising?

When a CBD cart crystalises you might be tempted to think the cart is defective but don't worry crystalisation is totally normal. In fact it shows a high percentage of cannabinoids and indicates a high quality and pure product. The cannabinoids are granulating and separating from the concentrate to form diamond like crystals. Typically only quality oils with a purity above 80% crystalise so its normal to expect from a quality product.

How to decrystallise a CBD cartridge?

If you're vape cart does crystallise before you are through it, here's how to fix it. You could run a warm hairdryer over the cartridge for a few minutes until the contents becomes liquid. Alternatively you could place the cart in a ziplock bag and run hot water over it to dissolve the crystals. You could place it on a radiator for 5 minutes or you could roll it between your hands for 10 minutes. Sometimes just vaping your cart can remix the contents of the cart and resolve your issue.

How to know when a CBD cartridge is empty?

Aside from seeing the cart empty you might also get a burning taste from an empty coil. This is how you know its time to refill your cart or purchase a new one.

What wattage to vape CBD cartridge?

The ideal wattage for vaping CBD is largely preference as some cannabinoids and terpenes burn at different temperatures. Some batteries such as CCELL M3 come with just one wattage already set. On other devices such as the CCELL Silo self adapts the temperature settings to automatically give you the best experience. However if you have control over the heat settings of your device CBD is best vaped between 10 and 20 watts. This low wattage will protect the CBD molecule and the more volatile terpenes within many of these carts.

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