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Hempthy have created an award winning range of delicious CBD Gummies. Moreover all their products are made to the highest industry standards in an ISO90001 clean room. In addition they are lab tested to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality CBD every time. Take your pick from their extensive CBD gummy range with gummy bears to pick n mix. There are certainly options for all in one of the tastiest ways to enjoy CBD!

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About Hempthy

Hempthy are an award-winning CBD Manufacturer due to their outstanding quality of CBD products. Moreover they take great care in the manufacturing process to deliver premium products to customers across the globe. They also source only the best quality CBD for use in their CBD edibles.

Transparency is key with the CBD in their products with all of them lab tested by a third party for quality assurance. Moreover Hempthy products are made in an ISO9001 clean room which is on par with pharmaceutical grade CBD manufacturing.

What Hempthy CBD Gummies are available?

Hempthy have an incredible selection of CBD infused gummies available to choose from. All in they have 9 different kinds of CBD gummies available in a range of different strengths. Moreover each and every sweet is packed with their award winning CBD isolate. This is certainly one of the tastiest ways to enjoy CBD!

Our extensive range of Hempthy CBD Gummies includes everything from sugar free gummies to fizzy bears and everything in between. Moreover each of these delicious sweets are available in different strengths including 300mg, 900mg 1000mg and 1200mg.

Fizzy Gummy Bears

Hempthy Fizzy Gummy Bears are one of the more popular options for our customers. Delicious fizzy gummies infused with award-winning CBD. What more do you need? There are 3 options when it comes to strength.. 300mg Fizzy Gummy Bears, High Strength 1000mg Fizzy Gummy Bears or 1200mg Fizzy Gummy Bears.

Sugar Free Gummy Bears

If sugar isn't quite your thing then check out Hempthy Sugar Free Gummies. These delicious gummies are the only non-vegan option in the range though so beware of that. This is thanks to a little beeswax in this one. Also available Sugar Free Gummies 300mg.

Fizzy Sour Peaches

A favourite in the North American cannabis market, Fizzy Sour Peaches are absolutely delicious. Options available: 300mg CBD or High Strength Fizzy Sour Peaches with 1000mg CBD.

Hempthy CBD Gummies Pick n Mix

Imperial Mints

Not only are Hempthy CBD Imperial Mints are lots of fun to eat and they also taste incredible. Each packet of delicious CBD infused imperial mints contains a month’s supply of moreish CBD mints with 300mg CBD. Of course all 30x CBD gummies are blended with 10mg of CBD isolate.

Pick N Mix

With Hempthy Pick N Mix you get a little of everything in the box. If you like a selection of different sweets to tickle your taste buds while you get your daily dose of CBD, this is the one for you. There are currently three strength variations available. Pick N Mix 300mg, High Strength Pick N Mix 1000mg and 1200mg tubs.

American Hard Gums

If you prefer sucky sweets, American Hard Gums are the one. Available with 300mg CBD or High Strength American Hard Gums 1000mg.

Bubblegum Bottle Gummies

If strong CBD edibles are your thing, Hempthy CBD Bottlegum Bottle Gummies come in 900mg packs with 30x 30mg CBD per sweet. Moreover these bubblegum flavoured candies taste unbelievable!

Cola Bottles

Similarly Hempthy Cola Bottles aren't just a household favourite sweet around these parts. They also taste incredible and pack a punch. With 900mg CBD per tub over 30 sweets you get 30mg award-winning CBD per bottle. Yum!

Fizzy Bottles

Finally Hempthy Fizzy Bottles combine Bubblegum Bottles and Cola Bottles with another couple of tasty bottle sweets for a dolly mixture. Options available Fizzy Bottles 300mg and high strength Fizzy Bottles 1000mg

Fizzy Candy Cane Gummies

Finally Hempthy CBD Fizzy Candy Cane Gummies seamlessly blend the timeless flavours of the holiday season with the calming attributes of CBD. Savour the festive essence and embrace tranquil CBD bliss with the perfect marraige of festive joy and holistic wellness. Discover a one of a kind and pleasurable avenue to enjoy the advantages of CBD edibles.

Each bite of Hempthy Candy Cane Gummies releases a burst of invigorating minty sweetness, capturing the essence of the cherished holiday candy. However the pleasure extends beyond the delicious taste with a precisely measured 30mg of quality CBD isolate in every cane, they deliver a soothing and gentle effect. Easing tension, promoting relaxation and enhacing overall well being.

What strength are Hempthy CBD Gummies?

There are many options available when it comes to strength from beginner 10mg per sweet right up to 30mg per sweet tubs. We break it down for you below:

  • 300mg - Contains 30x 10mg CBD gummies
  • 900mg - Contains 30x 30mg CBD gummies
  • 1000mg - Contains 50x 20mg CBD gummies
  • 1200mg - Contains 40x 30mg CBD gummies

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Are CBD gummies legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD gummies are legal in the UK however they have to comply with certain regulations. In other words there is a limit on how much of the psychotropic cannabinoids THC and CBN they may contain. With that said, you no longer have to worry about this as the CBD market is now regulated by the FSA.

Any Oral CBD product must now be approved and on the FSA CBD Novel Foods list for sale in England and Wales. All of our CBD gummies are currently on this list which certifies their quality and safety. Enjoy our edibles with full confidence of both their quality and their legality.

Do you feel anything with CBD gummies?

Unlike it's psychotropic cousin de cannabis THC, CBD does not make you "high." This non-psychotropic molecule doesn't really have effects you can feel. Although people who take eat CBD infused food typically feel a sense of calm and relaxation. CBD's effects are benign. Think of it more like taking a vitamin or a supplement as part of your wellness routine.

How many CBD Gummies should I take?

Dosage is unique to the individual when it comes to CBD and will depend on multiple factors. With that said the easiest way to find your optimal dose is to start low and go slow. We recommend taking 1 or 2 gummies for the first day or two and slowly build upon your dose intermittently until you find your ‘sweet spot.’

You can enjoy as required or in addition to your other CBD products as a top up throughout the day. The Food Safety Authority advise a healthy adult to take up to 70mg CBD per day. In other words you should take no more than 2x 30mg or 7x 10mg CBD Gummies each day.

How long do CBD gummies take to kick in?

CBD when eaten has a slower rate of absorption which means it takes a little longer to take effect. They typically take between 30 and 90 minutes to kick in. The range is quite wide as onset time depends on a variety of factors. Your physical features such as sex, weight and metabolism will affect onset. Additionally habits such as diet and tolerance to cannabis products can also affect it.

A diet high in fat will likely reduce onset time as CBD is fat soluble and absorbs more efficiently with dietary fat. Interestingly some CBD may be absorbed sublingually while chewing. In this case the edibles bypass first pass metabolism in the liver and therefore effects can be felt faster. Above all though don't panic if you don't feel effects after a 90 minutes as every metabolises CBD differently, particularly through the gut.

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How long do CBD gummies last?

Although they can take a little longer to take effect the big upside to CBD gummies is that the results are longer lasting. In fact, the effects of oral CBD are the longest of any route of administration. On average edibles usually last between 6 and 8 hours.

Are CBD gummies good for anxiety?

Most users of CBD report feeling a sense of calm and relaxation. Quite often this can calm the racing mind too. Moreover the effects of CBD gummies are longer lasting than other kinds of CBD for additional relief.

Do CBD Gummies get you high?

Above all Hempthy CBD Imperial Mints are completely THC free. They’re created using CBD Isolate (99.9% pure) therefore there are no other psychotropic cannabinoids that will get you ‘high’ Tickle your taste buds with these delicious, CBD infused gummies.

CBD gummies benefits

  • Long lasting effects (up to 8 hours)
  • Slow release with gradual effects
  • Awesome tasting
  • The perfect alternative for those looking to avoid hemp flavours like full spectrum CBD oil.
  • Convenient

CBD gummies drawbacks

  • It takes longer to feel the effects
  • Lower rates of absorption than other delivery methods such as CBD vaping for example.
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