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DIRTEA Mushroom

DIRTEA Mushroom Powder is the purest and most potent functional mushroom extract powder money can buy. Moreover its proven to improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle when consumed daily. Just add hot water, or add it to your favourite drink!

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Just like our experience with CBD, the DIRTEA brothers had their lives changed when they discovered the powers of functional mushrooms back in 2016. This gave them purpose to bring their experience to the masses and create their very own mushroom movement.

Their goal is to share nature's intelligence and improve lives one cup at a time. After years of learning to become mushroom masters, they have dedicated themselves to providing the purest and most potent mushroom from forest to cup. With each and every cup of DIRTEA you are fueling your body with goodness from Mother nature herself!

DIRTEA mushroom powder is energising, mood boosting, libido lifting, focus and creativity boosting all waiting to be discovered. And it all starts with a cup..

Welcome to their DIRTEA world.

What DIRTEA Mushrooms are available?

The pick of the DIRTEA range is undoubtedly their Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder. Moreover it is the memory, digestion and focus booster that you need. Lion’s Mane is also known as ‘the focus mushroom’ and is known to benefit brain health in numerous ways. Studies have shown it can stimulate the growth of new brain cells, boost memory and focus while improving mood. It’s even good for your gut and digestive health.

How to use DIRTEA Mushroom Powder?

Consuming DIRTEA functional mushroom powder couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do to make a delicious lions mane tea is add 2g powder to a cup, add some hot water, give it a good stir, and voila. If you like you can even add more liquid to taste such as milk, for example.

Alternatively you can add it to your favourite smoothie, coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate drink or shake. You do you!


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