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TAAT Beyond Nicotine

Enjoy the physical sensation of inhaling plumes of smoke and the crackling of a filtered cigarette with TAAT beyond nicotine. These innovative ‘hempettes’ don’t just scratch the smoking itch with the flavour of your favourite brand of cigarettes, they also contain around 25mg CBD per cigarette. Talk about two birds and one stone..

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About TAAT

TAAT set out to find an alternative to tobacco to give traditional smokers an alternative. They discovered that hemp was the answer as it has similar properties to tobacco and quickly developed a process to closely resemble the smoking experience. Moreover TAAT delivers a uniform dose of CBD in a remarkably smooth smoking experience. Finally ditch the grip of addiction with this true alternative to tobacco.

What TAAT Products are available?

With TAAT you can feel the roll of the paper, hear it burn and smell that familiar scent without the nicotine and tobacco. Moreover you can even benefit from CBD while you do it with around 25mg in every stick. Scratch that itch with the same characteristics of conventional cigarettes including Beyond Tobacco filter, FSC branded paper with that laid back, light and smooth flavour us light smokers love.

TAAT produces a couple of different versions including TAAT Original and TAAT Smooth. Each range differs slightly in flavour to resemble your favourite brand of cigarettes. Read below to learn a little more about each product.

TAAT CBD Beyond Nicotine Original

TAAT Original hempettes provide a similar experience to American Spirit Blue, Marlboro Red and Winston. Spark one up and let those bold original flavours fulfil your sense.

TAAT CBD Beyond Nicotine Smooth

When it’s time to relax, TAAT Smooth keeps you chilled and calm with a lighter tasting flavour. This one provides a similar taste to American Spirit Yelllow, Marlboro Gold and Pall Mall Blue.

TAAT CBD Beyond Nicotine Menthol

TAAT Menthol CBD Beyond Nicotine provides the perfect minty freshness with absolutely no nicotine or tobacoo. This one offers a menthol flavour similar to Marlboro Menthol, Newport or KOOL.

How to use TAAT Beyond Nicotine Cigarettes

TAAT helps you cut down on harmful and addictive nicotine while choosing the freedom to taste what you enjoy. Simply light up and smoke TAAT original sticks like you would your favourite cigarette.

Each stick contains 25mg so please smoke no more than 2 per day. This is in line with the FSA 70mg per day for a healthy adult advice. Please use also sparingly as smoking will cause some inflammation and ultimately damage your health if used long term.

To learn more about using CBD and dosage check out – Ultimate CBD User Guide | CBD Dosage Guide for Beginners

TAAT Beyond Nicotine CBD Pre Rolls


Will TAAT get me “high?”

To put it simply – the answer to this question is no. The “high” that some people attribute to cannabis comes from a compound found in the plant called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound is either untraceable in TAAT products or is below the legal requirement in the UK. The result one may experience from taking a large serving of CBD is relaxation throughout the body but no impairment or intoxication.

What is a zero nitotine cigarette?

TAATs have been engineered meticulously to closelt resemble the whole sensory experience of smoking a cigarette. They are even made from a proprietary blend they have named Beyond Tobacco that contains no tobacco or nicotine.

What is Beyond Nicotine?

Beyond Tobacco is the base material used in TAAT cigarettes. It has been engineered to give the sight of smoke, the crackling sound of the paper burning and the physical sensation of inhaling and flicking the ashes. No stone has been left unturned in the quest for satisfying experienced smokers.

Are TAATs CBD Cigarettes?

Beyond Nicotine cigaretts are a proprietary blend of 98% hemp and 100% food grade ingredients to mimic the flavour of cigarettes. This ensures a uniform tasting experience for smokers looking to cut down on nicotine while maintaining the sensory pleasure of smoking. TAATs will of course contain CBD so you could deem them a CBD cigarette.

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