The rise in popularity of CBD products in recent years has been remarkable, thanks to their potential therapeutic benefits. However, with this rise in usage comes questions about its compatibility with everyday activities. Particularly, many people are asking if you can drive on CBD. In this blog post, we aim to provide clarity on this topic by examining the legal landscape, safety considerations, and potential benefits of driving on CBD in the UK.

For those feeling skeptical about CBD, keep reading to feel rest assured that your essential tasks can go on unhindered while using CBD products.

Can you legally drive on CBD?

CBD products are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 1mg of THC per container. Typically, this equates to less than 0.2% THC.

Under UK law, CBD is now not considered a controlled substance, making it legal to drive after taking CBD. However, it’s essential to ensure that the CBD products you use comply with these regulations and contain minimal THC levels.

Our curated selection of products all meet UK standards and regulations – so you can trust that buying CBD from us mitigates these risks! Check out our beginner’s guide to buying CBD for our best recommendations.

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Navigating Police Interactions

While UK law enforcement can conduct roadside drug tests, these tests primarily target THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

CBD usage is very unlikely to result in a failed drug test, as long as the product adheres to legal THC limits. Therefore, there is no need to worry that your CBD use will cause you any trouble should you happen to be asked to prove your sobriety, so long as you choose products from reputable and third-party tested sources!

Additionally, it is important to know that drivers are not obligated to disclose CBD usage during police interactions.

Can you safely drive on CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, meaning it does not cause a high or drowsiness. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2020 found no significant difference in driving performance between those who vaporized CBD and those who took a placebo.

However, as with any substance, individual responses to CBD may vary. It’s advisable not to drive immediately after taking CBD for the first time. While CBD is very unlikely to cause an unwanted response, monitoring your body’s reaction and adjusting dosage accordingly can help ensure a safe driving experience.

If your unsure about dosage, read our guide to discover which dosage is right for you!

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Potential Benefits of CBD for Driving

We’ve addressed if you can drive on CBD. Now, let’s consider how CBD can be used to improve your driving experience.

The calming effects that CBD is famous for may actually be beneficial for drivers. CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, making you more focused and at ease on the road.

Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties may provide relief from discomfort during long periods of driving, relieving stiffness or fatigue.


Driving on CBD in the UK is legal and safe when sourced from brands that meet UK regulations and guidelines. For those wanting to delve into the myriad of benefits CBD may offer, they can feel at ease that their day-to-day tasks can go on unhindered when introducing CBD to their wellness routines.

To make choosing your CBD products easy, we’ve done the hard work for you. Our curated selection ensures quality and safety. Shop from trusted brands subjected to third-party testing, so you can seamless incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Be sure to browse our website and shop with confidence! Drive safely!

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